Step 1
Choose the product by clicking the shop

Step 2
Find the item that you might interested, you can search the whole catalogue or you can sort it by our product categories

Step 3
Add the quantity order and on the right side you can choose the currency. There are two types of currency. We suggested for local shipping use IDR and international shipping use USD. After that, click on the add to cart.

Step 4
Check the cart on the left side by click on it, there are two options view cart and checkout. If you want to by more than one product please go ahead to continue shopping. Just one item to buy? No worries, just proceed to checkout.

Step 5
Fill in the billing details. Always remember to fill in as complete as possible. Why we recommended it? Because its help us to do the shipping faster and avoid the missing package cause of incorrect details. If you want to be a drop shipper. Please thick on the “ship to different address?” and fill the details.

Step 6
Yes! You just one step away to place the order. Just click on place order as a final step.

Step 7
You will receive and email after you place and order (please check your spam if there aren’t in your inbox) the email show your order details. Please check it first before you proceed to the payment method.

Step 8
This is just the last step before the goods stuff coming to your way. After you made the payment, proceed to the payment confirmation by clicking on it. Fill on the detail and upload the payment receipt. This is the important step, so we can reply to your email within 1-2 days work with your order tracking number. Remember, for those who do not make the payment confirmation, can not track their package and we can not directly shipping your product.